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by  |  02-Feb-2020 23:31

Each month, Sean Plott ("Day[9]") and friends explore the confusion and puzzlement shared by geek men everywhere when it comes to the fairer sex while drinking excellent imported beer and playing old text and video games revolving around the conflict between the sexes.

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So what I'm saying is I also understand the compulsion to write what you know and to write about the way we communicate in modern day which makes story telling really weird.

Like if Banjo took out a phone and tweeted upon getting a Jiggy that'd be dumb and great.

In this shit Visual Novel you play as a High School teacher and you read your students Facebook and Emails on the down low.

Playing it I felt like all their drama was beneath me and also that they're largely very stupid.

Hell, I had a similar hilarious idea a couple months ago that could be described as "Banjo-Kazooie like world, cast as colorful as Banjo-Kazooie, the only way any characters communicate is with Twitter." I was highly amused with my idea.

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