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"I just didn't want to take the time to get you undressed.This seemed the most expedient way to handle things." "It was a bit sudden," she said.

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"I canna be walking around the Keep with bits of your spend in my face and hair.

Make sure you get it all." "Understood." He continued to dab at the little streams of his seed streaking her face and auburn curls.

If I visit her alone sometime, I may take her up on her unspoken offer." "I'll ask Ailene if she can stay awhile," Stuart said. "I guess that answers the question of what we're going to do with Isobel," said Stuart.

She made a point of brushing against me frequently, bending down to show me almost all of her breasts. Might have taken her up on it if the lad and his wife wasn't there. Just then, Ailene called Muriol and arranged for her to set up a room for Isobel.

I'm sorry for the delay between Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 in the tale of Ailene and Stuart. Not many people have commented on my poor attempt to add a Scottish flavor with a few key words, but those that did, recommended that I don't. The man who organized the game has got his wife there. If it doesn't get you fucked, you don't care about it." "Aye." "Of course." "Why else." They all agreed with her. Aside from her initial start at the surprising speed of his attack, she was unafraid that he would drop her.

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