Scandinavian dating customs kim kardashian dating nfl

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But just how – and why – did we fall in love with the far north?

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As a result, thirsty Swedes drive over the border to buy booze, where they are perceived as lightweights who can’t cope with strong Danish lager and fall over after two beers.

The Swedes in turn poke fun at the hard-drinking Finns for going so stir crazy in the winter that they resort to stabbing each other and sleeping with each other’s wives.

A sense of fair play abounds and Britons who do trade with these countries commonly discover that consensus and compromise are ingrained into business practices.

Against this backdrop, the current trial of Norwegian Anders Breivik, the right-wing extremist who killed 77 people in Europe’s worst peacetime attack, has sent seismic shock waves through society.

Which these days in Britain means that we will be snuggling up among the Marimekko cushions on the Ikea sofa, with a smorgasbord of gravlax, before cracking open a bottle of aquavit and settling down in front of the Bang & Olufsen to watch the latest Scandi-thriller served up, in a great double helping, on BBC Four.

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