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In the United Kingdom and the United States, Ridge believes she can draw a dotted line between the failure of boys to thrive in school and votes for Brexit and for Donald Trump.

Disengaged boys grow up to become disillusioned men, Ridge says, left out of the progress they see around them.

But for boys, especially low-income boys, access to school has not had the same effect.

“These boys struggle to find a connection between school and life,” she says, “and school is increasingly seen as a waste of time.”Motivation is the dark matter of education. Motivation helps explain why some countries get impressive education results despite child poverty and lackluster teaching, while others get mediocre results despite universal health care and free i Pads.

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In fact, across the Arab world, women now earn more science degrees on a percentage basis than women in the United States.

The education gap between boys and girls across the region is large and strikingly similar, even among nations with stark distinctions—in oil-rich, wealthy countries like Oman, where boys are virtually guaranteed some sort of government job when they grow up, and in poor ones like Jordan, where they are not.

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