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Surprisingly, every Russian woman you are writing to will ask the same question: "Why do you want to find a wife in Russia?

" After a while, you might start questioning your own sanity in doing the thing which everybody, including your dates in this Internet rendezvous, consider strange enough to request explanations.

If she is a simple teacher with a minimal income and meanwhile she sends you something, that looks good enough to be published on the cover of the magazine, ask yourself where these pics come from. maybe made by a professional photographer, but not top-model like.

A lot of the pics that I have seen here were "too good to be true" Style, light, make up, quality- those things can mean that the pics were taken from a model agency and have nothing to do with the person, who writes to you.3. To be sure you can ask her to send you later on a specific pic (not in your first letter of course). Ask her for a pic, made next to the Kremlin/ with her kid/in her garden/next to her office (according to the info that you have).

If you are both ready to get married, why is she still looking for guys online? If everything seems to be ok, but you still have doubts, you can send a reply to her profile as a different user from a different email address and see what you get as a reply.

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