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Ian Juby is the owner of Canada's first creation museum, the traveling "Creation Science Museum of Canada." He is a consultant for creation museums and builds museum models which are now on display in seven different museums throughout North America.

Click here to watch a time-lapse video (500 kilobytes) of the construction of this giant DNA model, the largest he's built to date.

The results of that poll were surprising - click here to read about it.

This town is the destination for the Alberta Prairie Steam train which brings some 25-30,000 people per year.

Click on any of the photos down below to view the full-sized image, then click "Back" in your browser to return to this page The completed "Evidence From Geology" display.

Learning to ride brings with it all kinds of advantages and you may not realise just how many until you start.

Apart from fulfilling an ambition, getting exercise in the fresh country air, and building up confidence as you develop a new skill, there is also a social aspect to it.

Built from the foundations up, for the glory of the Creator, to display the evidence of his handiwork and refute the lie of evolution.

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