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It was inevitable that I received an ultimatum about marrying him, but I had to be honest with him and everyone involved: I had no business agreeing to get married. In hindsight, here are some of the signs that let me know I was not ready to be a wife.

Check out these six signs because they may apply to you: You agree to marry him because he asked you.

My opinions about my own happiness became more important than worrying about what others might have thought about my decision to be a runaway bride.

He was a friend of my godfather and we met in karate class.

After seeing each other for a couple of months, he asked me to marry him. My mom loved him because he was older, (thirteen years), was a professor and came from our country of origin.

The more time you spend with him, the less you like him.

My ex-fiancé was a fierce intellectual and had a healthful approach to living, which I found attractive, but that was where our similarities ended.

When you know someone for a short period of time, you have an idea of who they are based on what they tell you.

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