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The New: Both partners can get creative with their processional.When it comes to walking down the aisle, these days there are no rules!Sad news out of the world of reality television today, as Ronald Cauchi, the father of Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor, has passed away following a battle with cancer.

We all have way too many of those aforementioned tchotchkes hidden in our junk drawers, and there’s a chance you’ll end up with dozens of shot glasses with your own names on them when the wedding is over. Instead, write each guest a heartfelt message on their thank you note, and send them home with something everyone wants at the end of a night of drinking: snacks!

Pick a treat that the two of you love, whether it be your favorite cookie recipe to burgers packaged to go.

Wedding favors find their root in European —little porcelain boxes filled with sweets to show off the family’s wealth and stature—then evolved into Jordan almonds (signifying wishes of health, wealth, fertility, longevity, and happiness) given to guests, and are now often tchotchkes embellished with the couple’s name and wedding date.

The New: Favors in the form of snacks (or nothing at all).

Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder broke up way back in Vanderpump Rules Season 1, so it's easy to forget that they ever dated at all.

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