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She cruised the rest of the way and bowed out of the meet.

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At Salo's last job with the Irvine Novaquatics swim club, one of his assistants, Ken La Mont, chose to deal with the condition for decades rather than risk the surgery. Salo had a reputation as an unorthodox breaststroke coach, and she was worried he'd change her training and try to adjust her stroke.

Salo was hired out of Irvine by USC when Mark Schubert moved on to become the USA Swimming director. The situation didn't get any better as time went on.

She was diagnosed with a condition known as supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). She managed to be successful, but the irregularities became more and more regular, and being in the pool became less and less fun.

Soni scheduled a procedure to correct the problem as a high school senior, but backed out when her mother, a nurse, talked to more doctors and found out that the issue could be left untreated. Soni now describes that spring as "a constant state of blah.""It was just a nuisance," said Salo, who took over as the USC coach as Soni's condition was nearing its worst.

Since she was 16, she would experience heartbeat irregularities once or twice a month, always during training.

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