older men dating younger women will it work - Raja fenske and malese jow dating

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(3 episodes, 2007) 可比·毕丝·布朗顿 Kirby Bliss Blanton ......

Throughout the first season, Addie obsesses about her crush on Jake Behari[5] (Raja Fenske), who already has a girlfriend.

For the majority of the second season, however, Addie is dating Randy Klein (Evan Palmer).

Her best friends are Geena Fabiano (Malese JOW), who is interested in fashion and designs her own clothes, and the environmentally-committed school basketball player Zack Cartershawrtz (Jordan Calloway).

They all attend Rocky Road Middle School in an unspecified East Coast city.

The main character is introspective and artistic, while her peers think only about dating (one goes out with high-school guys), kissing, and how they appear to others.

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