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The researchers found botanical evidence in ancient grape pollen, starch and bits of grape skin. Since the last Ice Age, winemaking conditions in this region of the Caucasus have been ideal.In a warm and mild climate, raw grape juice starts to ferment in a day or two.

He pointed to primates who haven't figured out pottery but know about booze. Grape cultivars in Georgia are closely related to wine staples such as Syrah and pinot noir grapes, the authors of the new study noted.

As for what the wine tasted like, the experts don't know, but they guessed it was cloudy with an aromatic or fruity taste.

But vessels made of skin don't preserve as well as pottery.

Mc Govern said he would not be surprised if humans consumed fermented fruits before there was pottery. Chimpanzees in Guinea use leaves to sponge up fermented palm sap.

“It became economically important, just like the wine culture in California and Oregon,” Mc Govern said.

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