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Between his iron-muscled thighs, a considerable bulge is nestled in his jockey shorts. " He says softly, giving his father a shake on the shoulder.All are clad in only their underwear, mother and daughter in plain cotton panties and bras, the father in boxer shorts and the son as mentioned earlier, in white jockey underwear. Teddy, the son stirs first, coming awake abruptly and rising up. Dennis snorts and slowly begins to wake, but the commotion brings his wife, Lori awake as well.He is a minister of a conservative protestant church and he has spent his life protesting the decadent world about him.

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And still, the so called experts bandy opinions on what is my purpose, what are the dark, underlying motivations of my actions and when will my actions spiral out of control into deeds unspeakable.

The Fourth: Dennis, Lori, Teddy and Taylor Never has the I-Room been so crowded, albeit peaceful.

In a tumble of bodies, sleeping peacefully rests a family, about to be thrust into the glare of truth -- forced to confront the realities they have refused to acknowledge.

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