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He can also repair ships instantly, negating the normal waiting period.

There are 6 types of totems that can be built in any of the four hotspots.

This upgrade does NOT affect the Port Upgrades score in the Captain's Log.

Supported by staff at the Ministry of Education, OSC is led by a chair from the SMC Executive Committee and its members represent the diverse school districts across the province.

Updates to the Standards Manual are decided upon by the OSC, who meets weekly to discuss and review suggested changes from the field, those referred by other SMC committees, or updates identified as required due to system updates or policy changes.

The office, located northeast of the entrance portal, houses Duncan and John Strum after the tutorial.

Office upgrades unlock more ships, which can be used to send out more voyages simultaneously.

Each upgrade is separate and distinct from its previous upgrade meaning that bonuses from previous upgrades do not carry over or stack with the new upgrade, unless specifically stated.

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