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Most of the British scientists working in the field embraced the find. And then along comes Piltdown [man], and that provides pretty strong evidence for evolution.

I suspect that a lot of British scientists accepted it partly due to nationalism,” says Curnoe.

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The year was 1912; 12 months later, the discovery was published in of the Geological Society.

It’s now 100 years since this first publication, and these fragments of fossilised bone are laid out on a table in front of me at London’s Natural History Museum.

It is one of just a handful of early human fossil finds in these early days of anthropology, and seems to provide the missing link in the story of human evolution.

The announcement makes waves in the scientific community, painting a new picture of what it means to be human.

On a cold winter’s day, two men take the stage in front of an excited crowd at the Geological Society of London to speak publicly for the first time about an incredible discovery.

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