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Pat's book "Alfa Romeo Giulia: History and Restoration", ISBN 0879385294, published in 1991 by Motorbooks International, Osceola, Wisconsin, also includes a few pages on the Montreal.

Here are a few other links to websites for books, manuals, magazines, the Montreal forum and the Alfa Digest: The Road & Track articles are available in "Road & Track on Alfa Romeo, 1971-1976", ISBN 0-946-489-78-5, published in 1989 by Brooklands Books, Cobham, Surrey, UK.

Back numbers of many of the other magazines are still available from their publishers, with the exception of "Motor", "Thoroughbred & Classic Cars" and the February 1989 edition of "Classic and Sports Car" (which has only a very short article).

57 of the December 1971 English version, altering system component references 16, 17 and adding 18.

But the associated text was not fully updated, so that block drain plug 18 is referred to in the draining instructions as 17 (which is now the pump itself).

Here is an example of part of the side elevation showing the engine.

Perth hk sex videos

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