Pentecostal rules dating divorced

by  |  18-Mar-2020 04:58

“In the realm of the spirit, you are just moving aimlessly.

Anybody that comes your way just chop (sic) and go. “They plaster your face not to find husband until you grow old.” ***The clergyman thereafter asked ladies interested in marrying the eight men, who had come out for the first woman to line up behind them. I give you people from now till month end to screen your wives.

While one or two ladies queued up behind some of the men, a particular one among them had 11 women lining up behind him. Nobody should go and meet them at night; if you go I’ll catch you.

Fufeyin thereafter said he gave the men till the end of the month to screen their “wives” and pick the one person they want to marry. “I will sponsor the marriages in this church on the same day.

I am not judging but this is an abuse of power and immoral to say the least.

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