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The exact opposite maybe true for long haul operations where the pilot would perform a full shut down and leave the cockpit.

Separate procedures and checklist will have to be produced to support to a specific type of operation. The influence of certain personalities within the company: A good example is a senior captain in Eastern Airlines insisted on using a QFE altimeter on approaches in addition to the standard QNH altimeter used by most airlines.

Although the four P’s model provides a frame work for SOP development, there are some other factors that need to be considered for the SOP's to work in the real world environment. Type of operation: If the carrier is mostly doing short haul routes with many legs per day, they may wish to minimise ground time.

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Therefore aspects such as single engine taxiing, delayed engine starts and reduced use of APU all have very important procedural relevance. Possible mergers and takeovers: When one airline merges or takes over another airline, the airline that is being taken over often has different operating procedures.

This requires a lot of time and effort by the airline that is taking over to once again standardise and implement its own sets of procedures.

Rather the opposite: the behavior of our solutions is determined by parameters and settings that are largely user-definable.

As a result, our solutions are fully customizable and can be tuned to any terminal's actual situation (size, type, and even level of automation).

The reason for this being that any procedures or checklists produced without taking into account the differences will result in sub-optimal operation and a high rate of procedural deviation (Degani & Wiener, 1994, p. And this became part of the Eastern Airlines procedure until an altitude related accident occurred prompting a change in this procedure (Degani & Wiener, 1994, p.21). The organisational culture: It is known that in some airlines procedures are highly standardised and strict discipline and adherence is expected from the part of the pilots operating the aircraft.

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