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I became bold in my efforts & cupped her buttocks & kept pushing her.

This is first time i was feeling gals ass & it was rocking.

Bhabhi agrred & she positioned herself to left side. The stop approached & people got in like mad cows running. Due to tremendous push here & there, i heard the word ‘oh fuck’ popped her from her mouth.

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I opened my eyes & saw compartment jam packed & told bhabhi ” Its impossible for us to get to the gate.

We will reach the last station & get down there & take auto to reach home” .

Iwas pushed close to my bhabhi as seats became full. I knew she would be shocked but i closed my eyes & pretended i was asleep. Due to trains movement i moved my hands slowly up & down her thighs so she might think it is due to trains movement.

My elbow was touching her breast & it was wonderful feeling.

We almost came near the gate & stop before ours was approching .

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