Online dating warnings for women

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A widely-reported Kantar analysis found the 72 percent of commercial breaks for CBS's Nightly News included at least one pharmaceutical ad.The American Medical Association pushed for a ban of direct-to-consumer ads, citing two main concerns.

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It would not be the first research to show that the current status quo is ineffective.

The research proposal cites a 2002 study that suggested that while repetition does improve the likelihood that a reader will recall information, subjects were also more likely to read risks on a full one page summary of Important Safety Information (ISI) than they were to read these in a brief summary, as might be presented in a TV ad.

Kaiser Health News reported that drug companies are spending 62 percent more on direct-to-consumer advertisements since 2012.

The majority of the $6 billion spent on pharmaceutical advertising goes to TV commercials.

'I'm not sure that anyone fully understand the impacts of those lists except the drug companies,' he says.

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