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I believe in equality.”) Some of the equivocation is no doubt caused by Beyoncé’s slick, pop-princess brand.

It is difficult to square the singer’s mainstream packaging with subversion of conventional and sexist views of gender.

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Nochildrendating com

I know, you think she’s the one, but which head are you thinking with?

Probably the same one her baby daddy was thinking with too.

Let me ask you something: why in the world would you enter into a relationship where you are required to have an ongoing relationship with your girl’s ex?

You wouldn’t—but you will if you date a single mom.

But some pundits are hesitant to award the singer feminist laurels. And that, in truth, is what concerns me.”Petersen says the singer’s lyrical feminism swings between fantasy (“Run the World [Girls]”) and “bemoaning and satirizing men’s inability to commit to monogamous relationships” (“Single Ladies”).

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