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Entertainer Tom Sainsbury told a radio station in Auckland Ms Ardern had confided to him that Mr Trump had assumed she was Mr Trudeau’s partner when the Canadian President introduced the pair to each other at the Apec trade summit in Vietnam.

Mr Sainsbury also said Ms Ardern told him Mr Trump was “not as orange in real life” after meeting him in person at the conference earlier this month in Da Nang.

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“I think I should never have recounted the story,” Ms Ardern added.

Eve* is one of a growing number of New Zealand "sugar babies" – young, cash-strapped men and women who strike up relationships with wealthy people in exchange for money and gifts.

There were 8800 female sugar babies and about 1500 male sugar babies registered here.

In contrast, 2100 sugar daddies were registered and 193 sugar "mummies" – a ratio of almost five to one.

She saw only a photo of the man, a business owner in his late 40s, before he flew her to Auckland for their first meeting.

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