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A Tinder-influenced spin on televised matchmaking, in which the female contestants opt to walk right (yea) or left (nay) after meeting eligible bachelors, is Burnett's play for the enduring audience of ABC's , starting with the men and women who make up the cast: an ethnically diverse array of professionals, none of whom have job titles like "twin" or "chicken enthusiast." "They're not desperate," says Burnett. The show you mentioned has gotten a lot of flak for that.

"Their lives don't suck if they don't meet a man on a show." He also talked about managing his growing empire — Burnett now serves as the president of MGM TV, which includes plenty of scripted efforts — and his confidence in the post-Donald Trump era of franchise has gotten heat for lacking. If I'm going to go out and make my first dating show, I had to look closely at all of the things that I would do differently — and there were several.

I also wanted a host that didn't feel like a host of a dating show. Why wouldn't we have a diverse cast of men and women?

When the women meet [host] Terence [Jenkins], they don't even know who he is. We have an African-American guy in the first episode.

However, multiple sources have confirmed to us that Humin had limited traction in the crowded contact management space and was struggling to raise further capital.

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