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Delicious meat sliced from a, still alive, slowly roasting girl.

The most famous 'DWCL' cruise ships are the nuclear powered, 'Karyn Aites' and 'Merideth'. A 'DWCL', two months, round the world tour is indeed expensive but, if you can afford it, worth every single penny!

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Third world countries have far more permissive laws. Some can control their new feminine impulses and, although a minority, there are enough of them to share, equally, with men posts of responsibility in society.

One of them is Jessica Joy, captain of the 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines' ship 'Merideth'.

The 'Karyn Aites' circumnavigates the world three times yearly. The challenge of this tour is to offer the passengers a taste of exotic girl meat worldwide.

The tour is considered less than successful if more than one tenth of the consumed girls come from the crew.

Private associations and particulars are also allowed to organize lotteries and cannibal feasts.

Naughty mature contacts free no charges

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