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She softly moaned and swiveled her hips as Jack once again demonstrated his natural cunnlingus skills for her.

Her body was now visibly shaking with little body tremors and muscle spasms when she suddenly rose up on all fours, “I can’t take any more of this torture, I need a cock fucking me. I could see the pointed tip of his pink cock starting to poke out squirting little jets of pre-cum fluid on Cassie’s butt as he pulled her closer and closer to his cock.“You better tilt your hips up a bit otherwise he’s lined up to enter your other hole.”This Animal sex story was exclusively written for quickly lifted her head and arched her back which brought her pussy up in line with Jack’s cock.

She looked proud yet vulnerable in this position; her head cocked back with her hair flowing over her shoulders, her eyes closed, her breasts firm and erect swaying lightly between her arms, her vagina wet and gaping slightly open as she braced herself on the bed for Jack to take her.

This time I want him to take me doggie style like a little bitch in heat.” She then spread her knees a bit, arched her back and reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. This was something wonderful that he’d smelled before, the scent of a human female’s aroused and wet vagina.

She was so wet her pussy was making a lewd squishing sound as she masturbated.“Ohhh… Cassie called out to him, “Come here, Jack” she cried as she wiggled her bottom trying to entice him.

She’d cry out and go rigid catching her breath in short, erratic gasps when I sucked her little nub into my mouth and gently pinch it between my teeth. I continued gently working the vibrator just inside the entrance of her pussy; slowly moving it in and out her body then delaying at the entrance for a moment before sliding it slightly deeper into her again. I just want to be fucked now.” She said as lowered her head back and whimpered. We had talked some about the night I bound her spread-eagle to our bed and“Did you just say you want Jack to fuck you? I think it’s time I let him do it again.” She said with a mischievous smile and a twinkle in her eye.

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