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Video: New Season EXPOSED Two survivalists are dropped into the merciless jungles of Bolivia.

Severely challenged by flash floods, heat exhaustion and a life-threatening appendicitis attack, will the Wiccan gods of survival be with them or against them?

With blistering heat, minimal water and scarce food, this will be no honeymoon.

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Video: Nude Survivalists in Belize | Pee Hole Ticks | Rabid Bats Everywhere | Ancient Mayan Cave System | Uncensored Aftershow Bios: Shannon Thomas and Cass Two survivalists are dropped on a deserted Fijian island.

They must battle the elements, as well as each others' annoyances, as they try to survive 21 days together.

Video: Wild Turkey Chase | The Coldest Episode Yet | Naked and Shivering in Argentina | Naked Confessions: After Argentina Bios: Lisa Coray and Tom Mc Elroy Two survivalists are challenged to survive 21 days in the Nicaraguan rainforest.

Battling freezing nights, severe dehydration, and each other, can polar opposites work together to survive 21 days when one is vegetarian and the other is a meat eater?

Video: Grasshopper Day | A Naked Meeting in Botswana | Day One Quitter?

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