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With a seating capacity of 57,395, La Bombonera (“The Chocolate Box” as it’s translated in English) reeks of frenzied fans and rocking football madness.

It is also formally known as the Estadio Alberto J.

In spite of its low seating capacity; the fans have managed to turn this stadium into a caged nightmare for whatever opponent steps onto the field.

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It has a seating capacity of 84,412 and provides the fans of 2 hometeams, the Persepolis F. It is not as spacious as Galatasaray’s home stadium but this stadium provides a venue for the fan’s record breaking 132 decibels roar which is literally louder than thunder.

That’s hostile enough for the opponents of the home team to refuse to play on these grounds all together.

Anfield is one of the most legendary stadiums in England.

With a capacity of about 45,000 people, Anfield is a bit smaller than the newer arenas.

Nicknames such as “Green Hell” and “Le Chaudron” (the Chauldron) should paint the picture.

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