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I am not judging but this is an abuse of power and immoral to say the least.I think it’s high time the government set up an agency to monitor this type of abuse and fraudulent religious leaders.” Dycc Dunukofia emmanco, wrote, “This is a show of shame…A clergyman in Delta State, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, of the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, on Friday incurred the wrath of many Nigerians after a video of him asking a woman to move round the auditorium and pick a man as husband during service emerged online.

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The light-complexioned lady sporting a blue native attire, moved round different sections of the packed auditorium while the pastor followed closely behind.

After insisting that she had not found a man of her choice to take as husband, the prophet then asked men interested in taking her as wife to file out.

Church has become business, reality shows and den of corrupt and discredited politicians.” Emmanco, a separate reader, wrote, “I can’t believe what I just watched.

How can these guys continue to take advantage of the weak and poor souls and get away with it?

”—crap, “I want to make you my everything”—crap, etc, etc, etc." I don't think she ever went on a date with anyone, but it's clear in her making fun of the ridiculous messages she got why she wouldn't or couldn't find a decent date on the site.

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