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Once I learned the rules of classic proportion and what really is attractive about a face from an artistic point of view [according to Da Vinci] and Michelangelo, they made the rules many centuries ago..all have a template in our brains of what we consider attractive.So when we see a person, anyone, walking down the street, within a split second we know." She also talked about her relationships -- turns out she's dating someone who's 28 -- saying, "Men are very visually oriented, so I tend to get a lot of male attention and that's great....“It was like having a humongous pair of pliers with 1,000 needles clamping on my feet.” Tests showed that the three were suffering from poisoning by the rare heavy metal thallium, which was traced inexplicably to an eight-pack of Coca-Cola Classic bottles found in their home.

He cleared the members of the immediate family; not only had Pye ingested some of the poison himself, but there seemed to be no compelling reason why he would want to kill his wife, much less his children, whom he adored.

“There was no insurance policy that someone could have benefited from,” says Mincey, “and there were really no ill feelings.” But Pye did provide Mincey with the first clue in the “Mensa murder,” a case that pitted authorities against an ingenious and arrogant killer who apparently fancied himself so smart that no mere policeman could ever bring him to justice.

Thallium, once an ingredient in rat poison, was banned by the Environmental Protection Agency in the early ’70s, and its use has been mainly restricted to universities and other research facilities.

The trouble was that county homicide investigator Ernie Mincey, 41, could not at first see any motive for the crime.

Jackson set the record straight on her motivation to keep going under the knife, saying, "I didn't have low self-esteem and contrary to some reports that have been on the internet, I wasn't bullied.

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