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Rank: Name Net Worth #Family Members Source of Wealth Headquarters 1 Walton family , 2 B, Six, Wal-Mart, Bentonville, AR2 Koch family, B, Four, Diversified , Wichita, KS3 Mars family, B, Three, Candy, Mc Lean, VA4 Cargill-Mac Millan family, B, Nine, Cargill Inc.

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After his death in 1967, Charles took over what was then called the Wood River Oil and Refining Company and renamed the firm. Koch joined the company in 1970 and became president in 1978.

Charles and David each own 42 percent of the conglomerate.

Rockefeller Jnr., Nelson Rockfeller are now the 24th richest family in America Just make the list: Kennedy family members Rep. Kennedy (D-RI), Sergeant Shriver, Jean Kennedy Smith, Eunice Shriver, Victoria Kennedy, Sen.

Edward Kennedy (D-MA), and Kara Kennedy pictured in 2006.

His daughter, Abigail is president and is reputes to be personally worth $11 billion.6: Famed as the inspiration for Orson Welles' masterpiece, Citizen Kane, William Randolph Hearst (pictured, right, center with his wife Marion Davies and son William Jr.) was the proprietor of the San Francisco Examiner in 1887.

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About twenty of these buildings have about 100 Brothels on the first floor that comes alive at night after the shops at ground level close. The road's name was officially changed to Swami Shradhanand Marg in 1966.…
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While the lovebirds were affectionate on the carpet, Pattinson's ex-girlfriend of three years, Stewart, was a short distance away.…
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