Married couples dating stories

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"I am looking forward to a spectacular proposal and I've sussed out a few venues," Zoe told The Daily Telegraph.

"When the time is right, yes, we will definitely have a big wedding."Christie Jordee and Mark Hughes, season two The city slicker and the farmer were far from an obvious match made in heaven, but when they decided to stay together after the show, it was the perfect happy-ending.

, it seems the strike rate for long, lasting, successful marriages isn't great, despite the science that goes into making the perfect matches.

As six Kiwi couples prepare to say "I do" to a stranger, here's where some of the most notorious couples from across the ditch are now...

When I look back – I'm a city girl, I'm an entrepreneur. And then put me in the middle of friggin' nowhere and then to have a man that would not give at all!

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