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The Municipal College of Technology, forerunner of UMIST, was the Victoria University of Manchester's Faculty of Technology while continuing in parallel as a technical college offering advanced courses of study.Although UMIST achieved independent university status in 1955, the universities continued to work together.Charles Beyer studied at Dresden Academy Polytechnic.

The University of Manchester traces its roots to the formation of the Mechanics' Institute (later UMIST) in 1824, and its heritage is linked to Manchester's pride in being the world's first industrial city.

The English chemist John Dalton, together with Manchester businessmen and industrialists, established the Mechanics' Institute to ensure that workers could learn the basic principles of science.

Sir Henry Roscoe also studied at Heidelberg under Robert Bunsen and they collaborated for many years on research projects.

Roscoe promoted the German style of research led teaching that became the role model for the redbrick universities.

Fallowfield Campus is the main residential campus in Fallowfield, approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) south of the main site.

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