Male navy officer smoke occasionally dating

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Reported stress and its relationship to tobacco use among U. Stein RJ, Pyle SA, Haddock CK, Poston WS, Bray R, Williams J.

These populations have been identified as prime targets for the tobacco industry,[17–21] increasing their vulnerability to pressures to initiate tobacco use and suffer the later consequences.

Economic harms also accrue both to the military as an institution and to individual service members, including Department of Defense (Do D) expenditures of $1.6 billion annually on tobacco-related health care and lost productivity[22] and financial strain among junior enlisted troops who smoke, with tobacco purchases consuming as much as 14.8% of their base pay.[23] The Institute of Medicine (IOM) estimates that, over the next 10 years, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will spend approximately $19 billion on smoking-attributable health care.[22] When military personnel are home, and after they have separated from the service, their smoking may expose their families to second- and third-hand smoke. [Wound healing complications in smokers, non-smokers and after abstinence from smoking].

Approximately one third of military personnel who smoke started after joining the military.[37] Some civilian public health leaders have argued that the military can and will adopt stronger policies when military leadership finds it appropriate.[29] However, this position disregards the long history of such efforts by military leaders being thwarted in Congress, by civilian leaders.[28] Action Steps APHA believes that the health and financial consequences of tobacco use significantly impair military readiness and harm individuals serving in the armed forces.

Therefore, APHA: • Urges the Department of Defense to strengthen and systematically evaluate its cessation efforts and adopt the policy recommendations of the Institute of Medicine to ultimately achieve a tobacco-free military. Altarac M, Gardner JW, Popovich RM, Potter R, Knapik JJ, Jones BH.

Most recently the secretary of the Navy, supported by the secretary of defense, has called for an end to tobacco sales on Navy and Marine Corps installations.

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