Lost and damned dating

by  |  04-Oct-2019 01:58

There is a recycled mode carried over from San Andreas, the Gang War, which got slimmed down to specific zones on the map.

It's completely optional, contrary to CJ's adventure, which tended to lead a lot of players into insanity keeping all of the zones in check. With a sparse list of differences, controlling Johnny is just as clunky as Niko, from the shooting to the simplest of movements.

It still feels complicated switching from triggers to bumpers in order to shoot weapons while driving, and all the buttons, sticks and combinations thereof only make it worse at times.

It's worth mentioning the various crossovers and references to GTA IV's story, since both are supposed to take place simultaneously.

Two missions in particular are carbon copies of ones played from Niko's perspective, with basically the same ends and goals, only fought with a different character.

Key story characters keep their stats, though, giving a lot of incentive to "grind" that muscle.

Thankfully, this development only depends on backup requests in missions, not on things like the dating structure in GTA IV.

You can still call your buddies out for a good time or just to go riding riding - even to play all new air hockey - but none of that influences their behavior or skills.

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