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"must keep my strength up." he rumbled and alice squirmed in her seat as she thought about what he meant. she noted several humans, including a man with a snow-tiger twice his size and another man with a vixen with huge breasts.

"they're in for a fun time." she said, nudging albert. " he asked and they finished their meals and hit the floor.

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the room was mostly one, with a slightly raised dance-floor.

along the walls were several bars and small clusters of tables, with little signs explaining the particular diet they offered.

alice watched in awe as they rammed together frantically, trying for release before they got caught, unaware they were being watched.

they were still mostly dressed, the man with his pants around his ankles, the female with her skirt bunched around her waist, her blouse open and her breasts bouncing wildly, and, alice noted, no bra or panties.

" she screamed, her juices gushing round the rubber shaft.

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