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Total initial margin information is available on the Financial Resources section of our website.Initial Margin Futures & Options Initial Margin Initial margin is a returnable deposit based on a Member’s open positions.

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Learn More Futures and Options Guaranty Fund In order to ensure that ICE Clear Europe has sufficient capital as one of the world's leading multi-asset clearing houses, ICE Clear Europe has established a mutualised guaranty fund which is based on stress testing results as required by EMIR Articles 42 and 43.

The Futures and Options (F&O) Guaranty Fund consists of two segments: an Energy Segment and a Financials & Softs Segment. $100 million to the ICE Clear Europe F&O Guaranty Fund, all of which sits in front of Clearing Members' obligations.

*One or two day for energy products, depending on the corresponding Margin Period of Risk.

Credit Default Swaps (CDS) Portfolio level back-testing is conducted daily and based on a 5-day margin period for House accounts and a 7-day margin period for client accounts.

It is calibrated to be sufficient to cover the expected cost of closing out a defaulting Member’s position in normal market conditions to a 99% confidence interval.

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