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Your lease or addendum must clearly state this notice requirement.If the tenant gives you notice but fails to remain on the premises and pay the rent through the notice period, the tenant is in breach of the lease, and you can charge the tenant the liquidated damages amount.

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The change would allow the landlord and the tenant to agree to a flat amount in the form of "liquidated damages" or a "termination fee." This flat amount could be charged to the tenant if he skipped ("liquidated damages") or if he honored the lease, gave the required notice and paid a fee ("termination fee".) The goal was two-fold.

First, to permit the tenant the early termination of his lease if he gave the required notice and paid the required termination fee.

The following wording must be placed in a separate addendum and must be in substantially the following form, with the tenant signing the addendum and checking or initialing the choice that is made.(an amount that does not exceed 2 months' rent) as liquidated damages or an early termination fee, if I elect to terminate the rental agreement, and the landlord waives the right to seek additional rent beyond the month in which the landlord retakes possession.

The law change allows the landlord to give the tenant an option of 1) limiting his damages if he skips (liquidated damages) or giving the required notice and paying a fee to terminate early (termination fee) OR 2) paying rent until the unit is re-rented or the end of the lease, whichever occurs first.

This flat amount was variously known as an early termination fee, re-let fee, or liquidated damages charge.

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