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Despite these concerns, there is an unclear picture of the distribution of oral diseases across provinces and districts because of limited reliable epidemiological data and poor district oral health information systems.

The South African National Children Oral Health Survey of 1999–2002 was one of the few national surveys to report on oral health status in South Africa, but this survey focused primarily on children aged 6, 12 and 15 years.

Other clinical interventions included scaling and polishing (n = 33, 12%) and dental restorative care (n = 20, 3%).

There is an urgent need to reorient oral health service delivery in Limpopo province to focus more on preventive oral health programmes.

Johannesburg – A chance drive near the village of Ga-Sekororo, in Limpopo, has exposed a burgeoning passion for cricket in a community that lives on very little.

After a hard day working on an assignment, Letaba Herald journalist, Hendrik Hancke, was travelling the dusty roads of the Maruleng district when he happened upon the Oaks Cricket Club."It was absolutely incredible and so unexpected.

To determine the epidemiological profile of patients utilising public oral health services in Limpopo province.

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