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So why did they decide to molest and accuse my friend that just went back there recently of supporting Gaddafi.I don’t blame my friend for going back to that country because life is difficult in Nigeria, in fact, supposing I have enough money on me now, I would have gone back to Libya.

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But Christians are not allowed to worship on Sundays, only on Fridays like their Muslim counterparts.

It is their law that everybody should worship God on Fridays irrespective of your religion.

I have a family to take care of so, what am I going to do with N6, 000.00.

Paying a welder N6, 000.00, to a man, 41, married with a child? I was among the first set of Nigerians that the Federal Government brought back from Libya in March this year.

The people we heard, who are supporting Gaddafi are Chadians.“The Federal Government did not give us money when we returned to Nigeria but we heard that the United Nations allocated some money to us.

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