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Each Section of these acts is cross-referenced to the applicable parts of the Handbook, Casebook and Workbook.

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Whereas the author’s Law of Persons is also available in Afrikaans as Personereg, this sourcebook, for reasons of affordability, is only published in English, but older Afrikaans sources included are translated into English.

The use of bold typeface, italics and variations in size of type for quoted extracts cited in cases and commentary, as well as avoidance of footnotes, is a nuts and bolts approach which works very well in the methodical and logical construction of the content of each chapter.

This comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles and values underlying the rules that apply in criminal cases is an indispensable guide to this area of law.

The authors set the context: “Crime is a reality of life, especially in South Africa; and each country needs rules, principles, mechanisms and state structures to prevent, detect, cope with and control criminal behaviour.

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