Joining accommodating unbalancing tracking and boundary making

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For electric wheel-barrows see B62B 1/18 and B62B 5/0026. tractor plus two or more trailers, are classified in B62D 53/005.B62D 53/125 should concern automatic coupling of the service lines happening during automatic coupling of the fifth-wheel coupling.Humanoid robots are not systematically classified in this group.

joining accommodating unbalancing tracking and boundary making-34

Joining accommodating unbalancing tracking and boundary making

doors, roofs, side panels, bonnets, engines, gearboxes, etc.

should not be classified here, but their attachment to the body shell.

the welding of sheets to form a panel) are not classified here; neither are documents concerning the attachment components which are not part of the vehicle structure, e.g. This main group does not include railway carriages or motorized wheelchairs or the like. Bonnets or lids are classified in B62D 25/10 or B62D 25/12; mudguards in B62D 25/168 or B62D 25/188.

Please note the definition of cycle as being a vehicle on which the operator sits (e.g. B62D 47/003 means that the structure should be convertible to modify the number of seats; not that the seats should simply be removable (for removable vehicle seats see B60N 2/00).

Hence this group is no longer used for classifying.

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