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The movement to recover and investigate endemic cannabis strains started in the 1960s.

Expeditions were embarked upon along the "Hippie Trail", and enthusiasts collected seeds to grow in their gardens around the world.

There could be interests you have, such as a great love for music or travel, and can’t fathom being with someone who does not share your passion for these things.

While a definite meeting of minds could come from liking similar things, choosing a partner who has interests, goals and ideas that are different from your own challenge you to try out different choices and to think differently.

I am an Aquarian so I love water I love going to the beach and jus relax with friends or by myself. I'm a fun female who loves traveling, nature, family and socializing. well am nice a bit miserable love socializing very jovial also quiet shy at time clingy love to read sing watch TV in the future would like to become a chef am 18 years of age currently out of school looking forward to..

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