polyamory dating oregon - Is iu and eunhyuk dating

by  |  15-Oct-2019 15:20

The two were extremely busy at the time of their relationship and tried to meet as often as they could but perhaps because of the lack of free time the two have since broken up.

Another couple that fans were a little wary of at the start but due to the couples openness about their relationship fans warmed to was Kara‘s Goo Hara and B2ST‘s Junhyung.

Perhaps because of the age gap between the two, there is 14 years between the two, fans were far from overjoyed at the rumor.

Reports had the two sharing a meal, going to a movie and even holding hands while walking down the street.

Sometimes though, even if the friendship is innocent and even if the labels deny a relationship there can still be a backlash.

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