Is bella and edward dating in real life

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The transcripts reveal that Edward, who felt he had been ostracised and humiliated in the wake of his abdication in 1936, was outspoken in his criticism of Churchill and the war and was convinced that, if he had stayed on the throne, conflict could have been avoided.

Now my three years of research have uncovered the extent of Edward’s Nazi sympathies and the monumental efforts lasting more than a decade by the Establishment on both sides to trace, conceal and destroy vital documents that they feared could bring down the House of Windsor.

The jaw-dropping contents of the file concerned the wartime activities of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, particularly their brief stay in Spain and Portugal after the fall of France in 1940.

His calculation that Edward would give him tacit support proved correct.

That April the King sent Hitler a telegram wishing him ‘happiness and welfare’ for his 47th birthday.

Taken at face value, the Duke was speaking high treason, giving succour to the enemy when Britain faced its darkest hour of the war.

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