Intimidating witness california

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Examples of dissuading a witness or victim include intimidating a witness through a direct or indirect threat and offering to pay a witness in exchange for their promise not to testify.

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California's law against dissuading a witness or victim, Penal Code 136.1 PC, makes it illegal to prevent or to attempt to prevent any witnesses or victims of a crime from reporting or testifying about the crime.

A person acts maliciously when they unlawfully intend to annoy, harm or injure someone else in any way, or intends to interfere in any way with the orderly administration of justice.

A witness means someone who knows about facts relating to a crime or who has reported a crime or who has been served with a subpoena.

A witness also includes a person whom the defendant reasonably believes to fall into these categories as well, even if the person isn’t actually a witness.

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