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Here’s a nifty guide for you to use so you could easily distinguish the pronunciation between the letters and all its mind-boggling accents or diacritical marks (or simply put, those little thingies on top of the letters).Source: Hugo in 3 Months Beginner’s Language Course Here’s an important thing for you to note: Except for these letters: c, f, l, and r, consonants are usually not pronounced when it is the last letter of the word.

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This lends itself a lot of charm and that very noticeable melodic sound that foreigners simply love.

To get this delightfully melodious sound in intonation, here’s a simple rule for you to remember: If a word that begins with a vowel or a silent H follows a word which ends in a consonant, the consonant is linked to the beginning of the second word.

For the newbie French learner, the difference between a, à, and â as well as e, é, è, and ê can get head-swimmingly frustrating.

But the truth is, it’s not actually that complicated at all.

Enchanting enough for non-French people to strive to replicate its romantic-sounding inflections, but very intimidating when you listen to actual French people talk. It seems like you’re on the right track with learning how to speak French because this discussion is solely focused on learning proper French pronunciation.

Intimidating french translation

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