hearing person dating deaf person - Intimidating confidence

by  |  22-Jan-2020 21:13

You begin thinking about all the ways it could go wrong.The girl may reject you, the VIP may not think you’re worth his time, that coworker you pass in the hallway may not smile back.

In order to stay mindful and present, I recommend a practice called the “mental double check.” It’s something I try to do hourly each day or every few minutes if I’m speaking with someone.

Mental double checks are simply taking a moment to what is going on in your mind.

Jake and his crew will have to stay one step ahead of both the criminals and the cops to finally settle their debt.

Do you ever find yourself at a bar, standing around alone wishing you could approach that cute girl? As a communication coach, I’ve learned that your confidence and social skills are highly intertwined.

Or maybe you’re at a networking event and you really want to speak to a VIP, but then you just talk yourself out of it. Think about it – doesn’t it feel good when you make someone laugh or you approach a stranger and have an awesome conversation?

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