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Horse racing odds are presented in two different ways at the track depending on where you look.The first way is as simple odds - 6/1, for example.

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They are very difficult to find because, well, they aren't there.

It's impossible to determine what the place and show prices will be until you know what three horses end up in the money.

Jim Harbaugh discusses the red zone struggles, Donovan Peoples-Jones and more from Michigan's 29-13 win over Air Force on Saturday at Michigan Stadium.

Get our 2017 Belmont Stakes coverage including, Picks and Odds Betting on horse racing can be very intimidating to people that don't understand how it all works and what all the numbers mean, but once you learn the basics of understanding horse racing odds it really couldn't be simpler.

Because the odds are determined in this way, they will change throughout the betting period before the race. It is not uncommon to see a horse that ends up as a longshot start off as the favorite if someone makes a large bet on him to win right when betting opens.

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