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, was begun to hearten the lives of many critically ill people.

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Volunteers were at the docks, the first link with democracy for bewildered newcomers.

Volunteers and staff worked together to locate families; volunteers and staff taught the newcomers about their new country—naturalization—the making of new Americans. This work, essential at all times, peaked when conditions accelerated immigration, starting with the pogroms at the turn of the century, the threat of war before World War I, the mass immigration due to the terrors of the Hitler regime and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, as well as those fleeing the Castro regime.

The Gershman Y Sharing the quirky undertones of the 2009 hit “(500) Days of Summer,” “Love Is Thicker Than Water” shines as a Romeo and Juliet story for the modern age with a touch of prickly humor.

Despite it’s charming soundtrack, the narrative isn’t afraid to push beyond being subtle, according to Chenevert.

I've made a few mistakes in my life and have (hopefully) learned from them while striving mightily to do the right thing every day. nn I suppose what makes me special is just being me. I sincerely wish everyone the best of luck in finding their special someone.---Russ I generally enjoy movies that make me think and ponder about myself and how I interact with society.

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