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To work with cursors you must use the following SQL statements This section introduces the ways the SQL:2003 standard defines how to use cursors in applications in embedded SQL.

Not all application bindings for relational database systems adhere to that standard, and some (such as CLI or JDBC) use a different interface.

With a non-scrollable (or forward-only) cursor, you can each row at most once, and the cursor automatically moves to the next row.

Otherwise, the DBMS would not know how to apply the data changes to the underlying tables referred to in the cursor.

Using cursors in distributed transactions (X/Open XA Environments), which are controlled using a transaction monitor, is no different from cursors in non-distributed transactions.

Thus, a positioned UPDATE or positioned DELETE statement will only succeed after a FETCH operation occurred first in the transaction.

Note that JDBC defines cursors as holdable per default.

The XQuery language allows cursors to be created using the subsequence() function. Fetching a row from the cursor may result in a network round trip each time.

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