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We take the first of these three lines of human pedigree, the spiritual pedigree of man, In order to understand that, we must begin with two vast outlines.The first, the outline of those great Hierarchies of intelligences, of spiritual Intelligences, who, in past aeons, past universes, having completed their own human evolution, have climbed up to be co-workers with God in the shaping of a new Mundane Egg; these are the Hierarchies that 3 guide and mould, the Architects, the Builders, of Solar systems.Dimly we feel that we gaze at three Bases that appear for purposes of functioning, but that divide not the all-embracing Consciousness that ensouls Them.

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In theosophical teachings - those which have been given to us by the great Sages of the past, reinforced, verified, and repeated in scripture after scripture of all the great religions of the world - in these you will find a truer pedigree, that deals with every part of the nature of man. whom here I salute, with my heart's gratitude for the light and the knowledge that she has brought to the modern world.

It is not alone in the Hindu 1 Scriptures, though they are the fullest in this respect, that you can find traces of that primeval revelation, that you can understand something of the long road that man has travelled in his journey from the mineral to the God; nay, rather should I say, from the mineral to the God, for as is truly said, not only in Hindu writings, but by our brothers of Islam: "From God we came, and unto God do we return." In order, then, that we may trace man's pedigree aright, we shall do well to follow the broad outlines laid down by that great disciple of the Sages, H. At the very outset of these lectures, I would acknowledge my debt to her great work, The Secret Doctrine, from which the whole plan and innumerable details are taken; I have added some facts, filled up some lacunae, bridged some gulfs, perhaps, but most of the materials are here, and are drawn from that record of her vast occult knowledge, her giant grasp of facts.

Now this triplicity appears in every religion, 4 save here and there, where for passing and temporary causes it has not been clearly and definitely stated.

Go back to far Chaldea, study the remains plucked from the opened tombs of dead Egypt, the secrets which its mummies unfold, and everywhere, as well as in Hindu Scriptures, do you find shining out the Three from the One, One in the divinity of Their nature, Three in their manifested powers.

The spiritual pedigree is the coming down by slow degrees of Spirit into Matter.

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